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TFS build order

PeteMPeteM Posts: 6 New member
I am having a problem with the migration scripts order when build for a release on TFS. Following an upgrade of ReadyRoll to 1.17 two changes were made to the project file automatically, these lines were deleted:-
<div>&nbsp; &nbsp; <DeployOnceUseSemver>True</DeployOnceUseSemver></div><div>&nbsp; &nbsp; <SemverInitialBaseline>True</SemverInitialBaseline></div>
and these lines added:-
<div>&nbsp; &nbsp; <MigrationOrdering>SemanticVersioning</MigrationOrdering></div><div>&nbsp; &nbsp; <Baselining>FolderBased</Baselining></div>
I did not worry about it and pushed the commit. The automatic build then ran but processed the scripts in file name order, ignoring the folder name. As you would probably expect this then failed.

I changed the migration order to FilePath but the build still put the files in file name order. I've now rolled back my version of ReadyRoll to 1.14 and manually reverted the project file so it now builds and deploys OK. However I don't think this is a good long term fix.

Is this just a breaking change in the project file structure that would be fixed by moving everyone in the team to the latest version of ReadyRoll at the same time or is there a bigger problem here?

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    Thank you for reporting this issue, and apologies for the impact caused by the changes. I've raised this internally with high priority (issue #1895) and will report back as soon as the team have had a chance to replicate/investigate.
    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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    PeteMPeteM Posts: 6 New member
    Great, thanks for the update.
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    RichBRichB Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    Just FYI, we had the same issue when one of our team upgraded to v1.17, with the rest of us still on v1.16. We overcame the issue by checking in both the old and the new setting. With just the new settings the project broke (unable to build even locally) for people on v1.16. Having both settings seems to allow both versions to work, as you suggest.
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    PeteMPeteM Posts: 6 New member
    We are all sticking with an old version for now (mix of 1.14 to 1.16). We are probably going to ReadyRoll Pro shortly, at that point we will do a mass migration to the latest version.
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