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Connecting to Git on TFS server without basic authentication

AmitBenAmiAmitBenAmi Posts: 4 New member
edited June 5, 2018 12:50PM in Source Control for Oracle
I'm trying to use SOCO v4.0.6.531 on my windows 7 PC.
We have a TFS 2017.3 server that host our git repository.
When trying to create a new project in Source Control For Oracle (At step 2), I'm getting a prompt to set user/password values.
My TFS server isn't allowing Basic Authentication (Because it is causing other problems allowing this kind of authentication), but allows Windows Authentication (Negotiate and NTLM).

When I tried to check the checkbox saying "Use git repository on TFS server" it didn't help and still hadn't let me connect to my TFS server.
Only when I removed the Negotiate windows authentication provider and enabled Basic Authentication I succeeded to connect.

I'm working on a private network, and the user authentication in this network (also with TFS) works with Active Directory (Therefore I cannot enter my own user's password because it only happens with the AD).

Is it possible to let Source Control For Oracle and TFS authenticate me without entering Username/Password -> i.e. Can I use Source Control For Oracle with negotiate or kerberos authentication and not only Basic and NTLM authentication?

UPDATE: I found that in my response headers there is a www-authenticate: Basic before www-authenticate: NTLM and currently I'm trying to see how to change that from TFS side.

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