Can the encrypted password in the ocp file be decrypted?

I am using Oracle Schema Compare as part of an SSIS solution to move data from one environment to another.  I want to make this as automated as possible.  One of the ways I would like to do this is by automatically setting data source connection strings at runtime.  I'm using the command-line along with a project file for the database scripting.  I have a loop that loops over all of my ocp files and runs the compare/deploy (DB to Script).  For each project file, I will also need to connect to that database to extract the data.  I noticed that the ocp file has all of the connection info that I need to make the connections dynamically except the password for the DB is encrypted.  Is there any way to read that encrypted value from the ocp file and decrypt it co that it can be used in creating the connection string?  I'd like to avoid having yet another configuration item to maintain across all environments when everything I need is already contained in the ocp file.

Alan Sloan

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    Hi Alan

    Sadly no, there is not a stand-alone module that will decrypt the user password from a project file.

    The only workaround I can suggest to use the /source and /target switches in place of the /project switch, for example:

    sco.exe /source user_name/[email protected]{SCHEMA_A} /target user_name/[email protected]{SCHEMA_A} /deploy /report:"D:\SCOreports\MyReport.html /reporttype:Interactive

    Many thanks
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