New-SqlCloneImage gives 'Image already exists'

Gert_VlotGert_Vlot Posts: 16 Bronze 2

I'm new to SQL Clone, and I am figuring out how to make images from backup files (.bak). I was once successfull with that, removed the image file, and tried again. Then got the error 'Image already exists'.

Then I tried to execute 'Remove-SqlCloneImage', that gave back an Id, but New-SqlCloneImage keeps giving the error 'Image already exists'.

How can I REALLY remove the image, so that I kan run New-SqlCloneImage' again?


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    Mark RMark R Posts: 49 Silver 1
    Ah, turns out SQL Clone can't delete an image if its backing folder has been deleted outside of SQL Clone. This is a bug in SQL Clone which I have now fixed. We will hopefully release today, if not Monday.
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