SQL Clone PowerShell error after updating to 2.6

RamunasRamunas Posts: 4 New member

After updating from 2.5 to 2.6 I started to get error: 
Get-SqlCloneImage : Required property 'postImageScripts' not found in JSON. Path 'context'.

I assume it has to do something with this new feature to modify the clone after creation, but it seems to be on wrong cmdlet and in case it's not, it should be optional at least.

Is this a bug?



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    owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 57 Silver 4
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    Hi Ramunas,

    Occasionally there are unavoidable changes to the Clone server API. As a result, anything expecting to target the old API falls over, including any old PowerShell cmdlets. You can re-download the cmdlets from the Clone UI's Settings page to upgrade them to the latest version.

    Sorry for the inconvenience - let me know if that doesn't solve the issue.

    (In future releases, we'll try to ensure the cmdlets give you a more sensible error message when you connect to a version of Clone that won't support them.)

    Many thanks,

    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software


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    RamunasRamunas Posts: 4 New member
    Hi Owen,

    It solved the issue. 

    Thanks a lot,
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    Hi Ramūnas,

    Glad to hear it!

    I should make it clearer that these kinds of breaking changes are definitely out of the ordinary, and it's a policy of Clone's to retain backwards compatibility of our API within a major version. (In my previous post I made it sound as though such changes were an accepted fact of life.) In this case unfortunately something slipped through the cracks.

    We've since implemented a new suite of automated regression tests on our API to make this sort of thing less likely in the future.

    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software
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