How to stop SQL Search auto-searching

kalokalo Posts: 79 Bronze 4
Is this a setting or somesuch that i am totally overlooking but does SQL Search have to start searching as soon as it opens.
At times it decides to look across all databases for a blank string even though i've not had chance to tell it what i want to find.
If you put a word in it goes off and brings back results for something it had already decided to look at so you have to click a few times to provoke it into doing the intended search.
Great that it comes back with the correct results eventually but why is that i have to cajole it into doing it , why can't it have a GO button that just searches when you are ready for it start looking?

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  • kalokalo Posts: 79 Bronze 4
    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your prompt reply
    I'm on V3.1.5 so i will look to update over the weekend and get the benefit of this change.

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