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Branching using DLM Automation

We have developed an end-to-end DevOps solution using DLM Automation, TFS, Jenkins, and Octopus Deploy, but our first attempted production deployment was a spectacular failure. Fortunately we had a Review step in Octopus and aborted the process before we updated production. The issue was that the developer had checked in two sets of changes, some that were ready for Test and some that were ready for Prod. 

What is the best strategy for keeping this straight? I'm guessing some kind of branching would work but I'm interested in knowing what Best Practices we can leverage.

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    tomslickerstomslickers Posts: 40 Bronze 2
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    Thanks for your reply. Our big issue was that branching is too slow and difficult under TFS, but we are moving to Git and hope to develop a good branching strategy going forward.




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