PowershellGallery.ps1 error in Build


I am receiving an error when doing a DLM automation build.
'...\_tasks\RedgateDlmAutomationBuild\2.0.24\PowershellGallery.ps1' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet...
 It seems to be coming from this part in the 'DlmAutomationBuild.ps1' script.
. (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot PowershellGallery.ps1)

Am I supposed to have a 'PowershellGallery.ps1' script in that location?  I am running Powershell v5.1 and have the PSGallery repo and powershellGet:


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  • Mike UMike U Posts: 315 Gold 1
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    Sorry about that. We had a packaging error in that release of the VSTS extension, and that file was missed out. We released another build, 2.0.25 soon after that should have fixed the problem.
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