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missing options from version 8


 we have just upgraded to version 8 of sql monitor ( and cannot see a number of useful functions that version 7 had - the actions list icon, the alert inbox comment option, and an icon to say which alerts had comments already entered against them.

Is there some way to turn these options back on? or have they been removed in version 8 completely?They were very useful for dealing with large numbers of alerts.

thanks in advance


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  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
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    The alert inbox has certainly changed in v8, the grouped inbox is now on by default.

    And yes unfortunately the comment icon has disappeared, even when ungrouped. I think this is a bug and will raise one.
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  • zenith_userzenith_user Posts: 2 New member

    Hi Russell, thanks for the reply, and thanks for the information - much appreciated - shame the comment option at the top has changed - we liked to put comments in all the messages and when we have 25 similar messages we could do it quickly, now we will have to comment one and just close the rest as it would be too time consuming.

    Thanks for the possible bug notice as well.

    Kind regards


  • Sorry to reply to a 6 month old thread but we also miss this functionality. It was great to eye ball that all the important alerts had a comment against them for our audit guys.

    How are you doing with this since we upgraded a week ago and it still seems to be missing?
  • Yes unfortunately no movement on this. There are no plans currently to add this back in to the grouped inbox I'm afraid.
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  • That's very disappointing. I kind of wish I hadn't upgraded now. Why was it removed in the first place?
  • I'd have to check with the people relevant (which I'll do so).

    If you have a valid backup from before upgrading, I can provide a download for you to downgrade, but we don't backport development work to earlier versions, so there are implications to you doing so.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
  • Version 8.0.23 has been released and includes the return of the ability to add a comment to multiple alerts.

    The next release should also see the return of the comment icon so you can see at a glance which alerts have comments - I'll update this thread once this is released.

    These were initially removed while developing the ability to group alerts in the new alert inbox, and it’s taken us longer than expected to reintroduce them – apologies for the inconvenience we know this has caused.

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