Shortcut Request - Remove line breaks

Zierde01Zierde01 Posts: 6 New member
I love the shortcut to add quotes and commas, but often I want to reduce the list to one line, can you add a remove line breaks (returns) shortcut. Maybe even make a shortcut that is "add quotes and commas and reduce to one line"?


  • Hi @Zierde01,

    Thanks for your post!

    There is actually a formatting option that could help with this: Global>Whitespace>Preserve existing empty lines between statements. If you disable that option, then using the Formatting shortcut (CTRL+K+Y) would reduce any whitespace to one line.

    Would that help, or are you looking for something to just reduce whitespace and not apply any other formatting?
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  • Zierde01Zierde01 Posts: 6 New member
    It sounds like this solution would reduce all my code to one line if I choose to format a document or a segment of code, is that correct?  I don't want to change my general formatting setup for when I format code...just give myself an option to automatically reduce a highlighted section of code if I desire.  Thats why I thought the shortcut ability sounded like a good choice...I could do an add quotes and commas then follow it with a remove line breaks and I'd have a one line list of things.
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