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Bug in SQL Prompt, Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.7)

VladIVladI Posts: 4 New member
edited May 18, 2018 9:13AM in SQL Prompt

I'm using custom formatting style in Visual Studio 2017, version 15.7.


After applying the style (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Y), if target column of reference constraint is named [Id], the case will be changed to lower: [Id] => [id].
I'm not facing with this issue if column has different name.
Also on  Options -> Styles -> Edit Formatting Style -> Casing ("Preview current query" checkbox is turned on) the formatting is displayed as expected.

This issue occurred only with Visual Studio 2017.

Expected behavior:

Keep the case of any column as is:
CONSTRAINT FK_Application_ApplicationType 
           FOREIGN KEY (TypeId) REFERENCES dbo.ApplicationType (Id)
<br>--After (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Y) the case of Id should be unchanged
           FOREIGN&nbsp;KEY&nbsp;(TypeId)&nbsp;REFERENCES&nbsp;dbo.ApplicationType (<strike><b>id</b></strike>)

Please, let me know if there are any workarounds.
Thank you,


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