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Keep datageneration rules after schema change

WouterWouter Posts: 1 New member
edited May 4, 2018 2:08PM in SQL Data Generator
I have my datagenerator setup to select data from source tables. Some attributes need to be anonimized, so I've got rules for these attributes. These rules can be regex's, python scripts, sql statements or others. Recently I've had a schema change for the source and target tables (source and target are by definition identical in structure), where datatypes were changed. In most cases the changes were char(10) to varchar(10), decimal(4,0) to int and similar changes. In most of these cases the rules I defined should still be applicable (a regex [1-8] doesn't care whether the target is a decimal or an int). However, when I load the data generator project, the schema change is recognized, and all my previously defined rules are overwritten with a default (of sorts) generator. This means I have to rewrite about 100 data generation rules. Can this be prevented?
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