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Another unreliable product

Not_HappyNot_Happy Posts: 12 Bronze 1

I've just run this through to compare two versions of a database. The first time I used the default settings and found it picked up hundreds of items where the difference was constraint names.

I've gone into the options and under Ignore constraint and index names is definitely selected. I de-selected and re-selected again, just to be certain, and reran it.

Still everything is returned where the differences are only in the constraint names. These items aren't selected in the list of differences (not sure if they were before or not) but if I've said ignore this, they should not even appear as different. What's the point in ignoring these if you just return them anyway? Everything returned will need to be checked regardless of whether you choose to select them or not, and so if I've already said ignore these, why doesn't the tool ignore them?

Worse, one of the items it says is different, but not selected, is a new column added to the table. Nowhere have I asked it to ignore a fundamental change such as a new column. These are precisely what a comparison is looking for! This just confirms what I said above, in that I have to verify everything returned, simply because I can't trust the tool to provide the right answers, especially such fundamental errors.

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