How To Handle Deployment to Production The First Time

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Working on implementing ReadyRoll. Have been importing any changes being made in the production/dev enviroments. We'll be testing the UAT/DEV versions, and then finally releasing to production. 

Changes made that aren't yet in production are in following migration scripts, but the baseline itself is what "production looks like". I need to ensure that the baseline itself is bypassed on the run of the sqlpackage. 

I couldn't find clarity on how to do this, though some articles did provide general help when you were connecting directly in visual studio to setup deployment target. 


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    Hi Sheldon,

    You can get a preview of the baseline+migrations to be executed by generating a patch deployment script for a given SQL Server environment. This can be done within your build server or via the command prompt as described in this article.

    When it comes to applying the baseline, if you don't want to deploy it in the usual way (i.e. by deploying a package), the generated script can then be executed in SSMS directly or by invoking the Deploy target in MSBuild.

    Any questions or issues please let me know.
    Daniel Nolan
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