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SQL Doc not showing dependencies

DougYDougY Posts: 2 New member
Using SQL Doc to check views and SP, and it does not show the dependencies for any object (neither Used By nor Uses).  I tried using it from SSMS, and opening SQL Doc directly.  I am pretty sure that an earlier version was showing the dependency information.

Examples: A view is being used by a few SP, but that dependency does not show.

SQL Doc version
SQL Server 2012

What am I missing?




  • RichardLRichardL Posts: 418 Gold 4
    Hi @DougY

    Thanks for your post. 

    Can I just check that you've ticked and have included the 'uses' and 'used by' options? Is this in the set up part or in the documentation produced? 

    A screenshot would be great if possible. 


    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
  • DougYDougY Posts: 2 New member
    Hi Richard,

    Both options are checked.  I recall in an earlier version seeing the dependency list populated for the same SP.

    I attached two screen shots: The SQL Doc, and SQL Search results for the same SP.  The SQL Search shows the objects that use the SP in question.


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