Project.sqlgen: Encoding UTF-8 changes to UTF-16 when use "Save as..."?

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edited April 24, 2018 9:58AM in SQL Data Generator
On Windows-Server 2016: Saving an existing project file (UTF-8) with  "Save as .." the new file encoding is UTF-16 and has twice the size of the original. 


  • Hi,

    SQL Data Generator has been encoding the project file in Unicode for some time. Is this project file one that you created using SQL Data Generator? Did you manually convert it to UTF-8 or did SQL Data Generator encode it that way initially?

    If you created a UTF-8 encoded file with SQL Data Generator, can you tell me the version that you were using?

    A 16 bit encoded file will be twice as big as an 8 bit encoded file because each character takes up twice the number of bits.
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  • DF_BDF_B Posts: 3 New member
    Hi Rob, so basically Data Generator never saves a project file in UTF-8. Then we probalby made a mistake when changing the projectfile. Regards
  • Yes, as far as I'm aware Data Generator has never saved a project file in UTF-8.
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