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Using New-SqlCloneMask with a DMSMaskSet file and my ServerName isn't updated correctly

RogerGRogerG Posts: 4 New member
I have a DMSMaskSet file stored on a unc and my image to a seperate destionation unc, we create the image based on a backup file and uses any available temporary server for image creation. We look for a suitable temporary server based on the database original production location, thus if a database in production is located on server "A.prod", we look for any servers in any non-production environment that also has that database, i.e we find "A.test". Sometime we can also find "A.Dev" or "C.xxx" it depends on the database location and the dev-team internally. However when we created the DMSMaskSet file, we only provide the "A.prod" servername and that value is never updated in the DMSMaskSet file when added with parameter to New-SqlCloneImage. We use Integrated Security and has a Login setup for SqlClone in AD that has all the permission it needs to both A.prod server and A.Test server, aswell as to all unc file share.

On documentation/example page https://documentation.red-gate.com/clone2/automation/powershell-cmdlet-reference/new-sqlclonemask it sas under property for -Path

"Connection details and credentials in the masking set data will be automatically replaced by Clone." that I might misinterpret as the connection name (server name) is replaced with the same one that the temporary server uses. 

Do I need to add the server name of "A.Test" in my DMSMaskSet file or is it suppose to update this one? Please any advice from others would be much appr.


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    toby.smythtoby.smyth Posts: 9 Bronze 2
    Hi RogerG,
    The database and credentials in the Data masker rule controllers will be overridden with whichever temporary database SQL Clone is using to create the image.
    What error are you experiencing when you try and create the image?
    Toby Smyth
    Tech lead
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    owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 57 Silver 4
    When masking an image, Clone will ignore the masking set's configuration for:
    • which database to mask (as Clone decides on the database's name when it attaches it for masking, so pre-defining the name won't work),
    • which instance and machine the database is on (as your masking set file may not know ahead of time which temporary instance will be used).
    So if the masking set file expects to mask a database at
    MyMachine \ MyServer2014 \ MyDatabase
    but in reality, for this run, Clone has attached the imaged database to
    SomeOtherMachine \ TemporaryInstance2016 \ SqlCloneTemp_yuR72
    then it's the latter that will be used, and the former details ignored.

    Hopefully that sheds some light on Clone's behaviour.
    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software


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