Some dlls get merged and some are not?

I am trying to obfuscate exe file. After selecting exe file, SmartAssembly gives 33 dlls list in “Dependencies Merging” and also in other features.

When I try to merge all supporting dlls it gives me error, but it allows me to merge few dll and embed rest dlls. You can refer below error message while creating build.

 Can anyone tell me the reason behind some dlls get merged and some are not? Also, does embedding feature obfuscate dlls?

 I am clear with “Dependencies Merging” feature that it merges with single assembly and we don’t need to keep supporting dlls inside the exe folder. So, merging obfuscate dlls.

Please make me clear with “Dependencies Embedding” feature, e.g. if I embed any supporting dll, does it obfuscate that particular dll? Is there need to keep that dll inside the exe folder?

 Please explain me regarding above queries.

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