Ignore insignificant differences in default values

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We have some tables where the only differences are similar to those shown below:

Database one:
[Hazardous] [bit] NOT NULL DEFAULT (0),
[Reefer] [bit] NOT NULL DEFAULT (0),

Database two:
[Hazardous] [bit] NOT NULL DEFAULT ((0)),
[Reefer] [bit] NOT NULL DEFAULT ((0)),

Is there any setting I can use that will cause these differences to be ignored?


  • The differences are ignored in the main comparison, they just show up on the side-by-side view.

    We have long-term plans to fix the side-by-side view on this issue, but so far worries about the performance impact have stopped us doing it.
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  • DennisRehmDennisRehm Posts: 13 Bronze 2
    I'm experiencing the same issue and found this post from two years ago. It is a nuisance to have tables show up as different, but not be different when synchronizing. We expect no differences between our development and test servers and any differences need to be reviewed.

    Any thoughts about implementing the enhancement, perhaps optionally? I am using SQL Compare

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