SQL Backup process keeps trying to copy a file and I can't stop it

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We are using SQL Backup for Log Shipping.  This morning it started sending messages that it was getting an error copying a file.  One of the Transaction Log files it was trying to copy to the shared folder was already there.  We have Log Shipping scheduled for every 15 minutes but were getting this error every 5 minutes.  I manually removed the file from the source folder and then we started getting messages every 5 minutes that it could not copy the file because the source did not exist.  I disabled the Log Shipping job but it continued to send this message every 5 minutes.  Then I restarted SQL Backup on the server and it immediately started sending the message every 5 minutes again.  


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    CLMI_TLCLMI_TL Posts: 2 New member
    Did you ever get this issue resolved? I was having the same issue over the weekend. We do not use log shipping, but frequently back up Transaction Logs.
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    SQL Backup keeps a list of files it needs to copy in the backupfiles_copylist table, stored in a SQL Server Compact database.  In order to stop it from repeatedly attempting to copy the file, you need to set the file's status to expired (E) e.g.

    EXEC master..sqbdata 'UPDATE backupfiles_copylist SET status = ''E'' WHERE name = ''<the backup file name>'' '
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