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inserting single quotes problem

dbodelldbodell Posts: 7 New member
it looks like there have been others having problems that may be similar to mine but I cannot find a resolution. I just had to reinstall my SQL Prompt and other tools after upgrading to Windows 10. I downloaded the most current version. Now, when I hit the single quote key nothing happens. When I hit it again, it inserts two single quotes and lands my cursor after the closing quote. This is very obnoxious and I cannot seem to get rid of this behavior by unchecking things in Options. What I want is the way it used to be. I hit the single quote key and it puts in a single quote! I don't mind having to put in the closing quote myself but I can't tolerate it taking 3 keystrokes to enter something in quotes: one press of the quote key (which does nothing), one press of the quote key again (which puts in two single quotes and lands me outside of them and one press of the back arrow to get my cursor between the quotes.

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