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Comparing Users and Roles

Daniel HandleyDaniel Handley Posts: 214
edited March 8, 2005 7:35AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When you use SQL Compare to make a comparison of two databases it will initially include all objects contained within the databases.
This is primarily because if items were filtered out dependencies may be missed, and at worst the synchronization could corrupt a database.
Because of this there is no way to exclude an object from the initial compare.
Once you have compared the databases, as you have found, it is possible to filter out certain object types as required.

However if you have the SQL toolkit, and use the command line tool, it is possible to include or exclude objects as required.
For further information about the SQL toolkit please take a look at the SQL tools product page on our web site. There is a SQL toolkit help file that includes all the command line option available to use. This help file is installed as part of the SQL bundle, or you can download it from our web site.

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