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Connect to named instance on server

DellyDelly Posts: 8 New member
We have SQL clone installed on our dev server, what we'd like to do is create clones on our STAGING instance. But on the drop down option of SQL server instances on the SQL Clone web page only our default instance is shown. I tried to add the instance manually but get the following error: Specify only the instance name of the SQL Server on xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx, or leave blank for the default instance.

I guess the first question is, is SQL clone able to connect to a named instance on a windows server. And second question is if so how?

Many Thanks

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    ChrisHurleyChrisHurley Posts: 54 Silver 2
    If the instance has recently been configured, then restarting SQL Clone Agent might be required to pick it up.

    Otherwise, when you are adding the instance manually, are you including the machine name when specifying the instance? The "SQL Server Instance Name" box should just contain the name of the instance, not the server as well.

    If you need to specify a port as well, you should be able to specify it as e.g.:


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    You need to have SQL Clone Agent installed on each machine where you want to create image and/or clones (since it needs to work with virtual disks and potentially the Shadow Copy service). Is the staging instance on a different machine to the dev server? Installing a copy of the Agent there should allow Clone to work with that instance if so.
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    DellyDelly Posts: 8 New member
    The STAGING instance of SQL server is on the same box as our current dev.

    If it helps i did have to setup the staging instance to use a different port number so we could connect to it as we host our SQL servers in the cloud and not on site.  
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