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Octopus Tentacle Deployment

i am in the progress of setting up a build server with DLM Automation/Jenkins/Octopus. I am wondering what the best strategy is for deploying the Octopus Tentacles. Is it a best practice to install them on the SQL boxes themselves or on the build server? It would seem that there are pros and cons of each approach. 

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    Andrew PAndrew P Posts: 194 Silver 3
    This depends on your network topology - as long as the tentacle can access the SQL Box then it does not need to be on the same machine. Though if it is over a VPN or the network access is slow/limited, then having the tentacle on the SQL Box would be better to minimize latency.

    There isn't a best practice on this, it is more about the security context (is it on another network not accessible to the current tentacle?) with some minor performance concerns if the network latency is high.

    Andrew Pierce
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