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Monitoring service account

kb1femkb1fem Posts: 1 New member

What kind of account should this Monitoring service account, or the Web service account or the Monitoring SQL Server instances?

Active directory?


Local to the machine I installed SQL Monitor?





  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,119 Diamond 4
    Hi @kb1fem ,

    This page lets you know what permissions each account is expecting.  It's up to you what account fulfils those requirements.

    Normally, people either use a windows domain account for the Base Monitor Service account and then use that same account for the connections to the remote entities (and also to the SQL Server) or sometimes people set Local System to run the service and then specify a Windows account at the host level and a SQL User at the SQL level.  It's really up to you and/or how your security is configured (or the security requirements put upon you).

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