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My question is on stack with a lot more details.

I am Profiling a .NET ASP page. Its got a masterpage and telerik controls. It loads the data from a separate web project with Services. I've debugged the services with SoapUI and they take 2.5 seconds to run 6 service calls. The page loads in around 12 seconds. I have to run two profiler instances to debug the Main Web App and the Service app with SQL calls. From what I can see the Service code takes 3 to 4 seconds to run. I need to know what to look for to find the real issue. The 8 or 9 seconds its taking the main page to load outside of the service calls.

  • I after posting I found the problem. I started stripping the pages apart, piece by piece. A Telerik Control is taking 8+ seconds to render.. The method databinds the control and leaves the method. Then i goes to never never land for a while. But why can't I see that in the results? I need to know what I am missing in the profiler. I would have expected to see the rendering of the control showing me the missing 8 seconds.
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