No chart counters in trialware

See the attached image.
I'm running 64-bit Win 8.1, VS Community 2017 (version 15.4.4), IIS Express, and trying to profile a C# ASP MVC application on localhost.
Profiler is configured as
    IIS Express - ASP.Net is selected
   ASP.Net web application path X:\path-to-my-app\app\app\bin\  (I believe you want the folder, not the dll)
      Both the dll and the pdb are in that folder and have the same timestamp (1 second resolution)
   Port = 2957, Start page /, .NET version is .NET 4.  32-bit checkbox is not checked.
      Profiles settings page states: "The application will be profiled at http:/localhost:2957/"
      When run from VS, the page location shows as "localhost:2957/" which, when pasted, shows as http://localhost:2957/
I know that performance counters are working because both task manager and perfmon show CPU usage
The profiler's log file does not contain the word ERROR and manual scan reveals no apparent problem.
The last 2 lines in the log file are
    [38] INFO  RedGate.Profiler.Logic.Controllers.Session.FrontEnd.ClientFromProcessFrontEnd - Attempting to start process for client 'Chrome'.
    [38] INFO  RedGate.Profiler.Logic.Controllers.Session.FrontEnd.ClientFromProcessFrontEnd - Process for client 'Chrome' successfully started.
The profiler shows 'OK' in the lower left corner before I start profiling.  When I start profiling, the lower left corner shows 'Preparing Session', then something else that just happens to fast to see, then 'Launching Chrome'.  At that point the app works just fine, but the 'Launching Chrome' persists on the profiler display.

 Any ideas?  I appreciate any help.
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