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Unable to generate the build using dlm automation from vsts

HollaHolla Posts: 1 New member
Hi team ,

Iam very new to redgate tools,my purpose of using dlm automation I need to build ci cd using my vsts account ,I had tried downloading the plug-in from the market place and configured the steps following your documentation,but seems like I have done something wrong and I could see the error like "error in connecting database,etc can you please assist me in webex?


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    Hey Holla,

    You need to either use a hosted database, or a local database - if you are setting it up to connect to a local database then you need to configure a private VSTS Agent locally - more info.

    Make sure to configure the Build to use that Agent - and that the Agent has appropriate permissions to the Server/DB.

    Hope that helps!
    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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