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I have a single database that takes a long time to snapshot.

It's just a single db. the rest of the dbs on this db server are fine. This particular one takes over 5 minutes to snapshot alone. I profiled it just now, with SQL Profiler, just to be curious. It seems to process its queries in under a minute. Then profiler captures it running these 3 statements over and over.
  DBCC PAGE ([SynergyLive], 1, XXXXX, 2)
This continues for a very long time. I see in the trace that it took nearly 9 minutes. then it seems to finish out with several other quickly ran queries.

So, why does snapshot creation take so very long on this particular db? Maybe there is something wrong with it. Maybe it borked, and we don't know it.  So I'm looking at our DBCC checks to validate.


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