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Tables get deselected when switching data sources

kevinsekevinse Posts: 2 New member
edited March 28, 2018 6:36PM in SQL Data Compare

We have two databases that need to be synchronized when a dev makes changes: one for development, and one that represents a stock version of our database to be distributed to customers. Some tables contain a mix of static data (data we intend to ship with the product) and user/dev data, so we only include rows that we consider static by using the where clause feature in Data Compare. The tables that are entirely user data are simply deselected on the tables and views tab of the project modal.

If I open the Data Compare project file and look at the table mappings, everything is fine. However, as soon as I change one of the data sources from database to scripts folder and choose the appropriate scripts folder, any tables with a where clause get deselected. However, because we have a large assortment of tables and only a subset of them are to be considered in this data comparison, I now have to go and manually reselect all of these tables.

Why are they getting deselected when I change the data source type? The DB schema is identical on both sides of the comparison.



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