Not able to Add Database to SQL test3.0 in SSMS 2016

Hi, I am using SSMS 2016 and installed SQL test 3.0 latest version. But not able to add Database. The select a Database option shows blank and create sample database drop down is also blank. Can someone pls help me to add database and start using SQL test for automating some Unit test cases :)


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    ClaudeClaude Posts: 1 New member
    Perhaps a long shot but are your databases readonly? If so they can't be. I once considered running a bunch of sqltests against a nightly restored snapshot of a database. Obv doesn't work on few levels... since tSQLt needs to create objects in the DB itself... I was hoping at the time the tests could reside in a separate database... but long story short readonly databases won't show up in the list :)
    The other possibility is maybe you lack permissions to lists databases on the server somehow? see if you get more luck with an account with elevated permissions
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