Sql compare 13 flags GRANT EXEC as different than GRANT EXECUTE

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I noticed the only difference in a stored procedure script that was being flagged by Sql Compare as different between the script and the server was EXEC vs EXECUTE in a grant statement. I did the same compare using SQL Compare and the difference was not flagged. Is there an option to stop this from being flagged in SQL Compare 13? Here's a screenshot of the v13 difference:

And the resulting deploy script does this:
PRINT N'Altering permissions on [dbo].[GetWebinarEmailsAsFetchXmlValues]'
GRANT EXEC ON [dbo].[GetWebinarEmailsAsFetchXmlValues] TO [xxxx]
REVOKE EXECUTE ON [dbo].[GetWebinarEmailsAsFetchXmlValues] TO [xxxx]

which actually revokes the permission it just gave resulting in a real difference and creates a never ending loop of differences if you continue to run the deploy scripts one after the other.

(I am reposting this https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/83038/sql-compare-13-flags-grant-exec-as-different-than-grant-execute/p1?new=1 in a more appropriate place)


  • Hi jamal,

    Thanks for your post! This is a bug that has been fixed in version of SQL Compare.

    This version is currently only available as a Frequent Update release. You can download it by going to "Help" > "Configure frequent updates" and selecting the check box, then going to "Help" > "Check for updates".

    Alternatively, if you don't want to enable frequent updates this version will be released to default within the next two weeks.

    Please let us know if you continue to see any problems!

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