Add database fails for older database that has SQLTest already installed

I have a SQL Server 2012 database that at one time was set up to work with SQLTest version However, life intervened, and the development effort did not include SQLTest for about three years. Now I have upgraded SQLTest to the latest release ( and want to start again on my database, but it still includes the tSQLt schema, tables, and views (no stored procedures). When I try to add the database to SQLTest, the process errors out during the "Installing Test Framework" step with this message:  There is already an object named 'tSQLt' in the database. CREATE SCHEMA failed due to previous errors. What can I do?

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  • Rob CRob C Posts: 418 Gold 2
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    I'd suggest manually uninstalling the tSQLt framework on your database by running EXEC tSQLt.Uninstall;

    Once you've manually uninstalled it, you should then be able to add the database to SQL Test.
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