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Migration Scripts that use Static Data

rasolizrasoliz Posts: 3 New member
edited March 10, 2018 12:38AM in DLM Automation
What is the solution to writing a migration script that uses static data to process an update?

I have a Properties table that has a foreign key to PropertyTypes. Business requests that a new property type be added to the system, and that any existing properties currently marked as "Other" reference the new property type instead.

Create new property type, which is in static data. Write a migration script to update existing property records to use the new PropertyTypeId where the current PropertyTypeId is equal to "Other."

Running DLM Automation to apply the changes using Continuous Deployment will fail because the migration script runs before the static data.

This is a very basic situation when it comes to scripting out changes. How can this be done using DLM? We don't want to abandon Red Gate Source Control to move to a migration type methodology of Ready Roll. Although, at this point it seems the DLM Automation tools won't work for us.
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