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TeamCity Build Silent Failure

ChrisMChrisM Posts: 10 New member
edited March 9, 2018 10:40AM in DLM Automation
I am getting an error in my TeamCity build, but the build runner is not reporting it. One of our developers made a change to a table which also has static data linked through our repository and into the build. The change has caused the data insert to fail when the build database is being built as part of the TeamCity process. This then causes no new NuGet package to be created and any changes are not seen downstream.

The errors we are seeing is as follows:

[10:22:03][Step 1/2] Invoke-DlmDatabaseSchemaValidation : Schema validation failed: The INSERT
[10:22:03][Step 1/2] statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint
[10:22:03][Step 1/2] "chkImport_LoadType_PreCheckPackageExists". The conflict occurred in database
[10:22:03][Step 1/2] "framework_dev_ci_build", table "Import.LoadType".

Now we can amend the data so that this error does not happen, but that is far from the point. Anything that stops a new NuGet package from being created and deployed successfully should be returned as an error and we should be notified accordingly.

In the build step settings I have all four failure conditions checked as follows:

the build process exit code is not zero
at least one test failed
an error message is logged by build runner Reset
an out-of-memory or crash is detected (Java only)

I also have set the step which fires the Octopus Deploy package to only run "If all previous steps finished successfully".

I don't really see what else I can do here. Any ideas?



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    RichardLRichardL Posts: 417 Gold 4
    Hi @ChrisM

    Thanks for your post.

    This looks like a question that one of Support engineers will need to investigate for you.

    If you've a got support contract, please send us a ticket. Provide as much information as you can - screenshots of any errors, log files etc – so we can help you as fast as possible.
    If you're not covered by a Support contract at the moment, email our Sales team at sales@red-gate.com, and they'll be able to help.
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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