sql compare command line with TFS sourceControl1 option as one of the datasource

As per documentation , if i have to use source control i have to mention scriptsfolderxml file

sqlcompare /sourcecontrol1 /revision1:100 /sfx:"C:\Files\scripts.xml"
but for TFS what would the content of this file and what tags i need to mention.
Let me know , i was unable to find in documentation.


Best Answers

  • adam_hafneradam_hafner Posts: 47 Silver 2
    To get the scriptsfolderxml file you need to go into SQL Source Control for the specific database you are comparing against. Then go to the 'Under the Hood' section and you will see a section labeled 'SQL Compare XML fragment'. That will be the XML you are looking for. It should give you what you need. Good luck!
  • primeviewdevelopersprimeviewdevelopers Posts: 2 New member
    i found that out yesterday by creating a project refering that source control and opening SCP file in notepad.

    Thanks for help.

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