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KrisKris Posts: 7 New member
I am trying to install SQL Test onto a database I have. However, the framework fails to install and I am greeted with the error - invalid object name AuditDB.dbo.DDLEvents

This isn't a table I have in my database, so unsure whether this is an issue with the SQL Test framework installation or not


  • RichardLRichardL Posts: 418 Gold 4
    Hi @Kris

    Thanks for your post.

    This looks like a question that one of Support engineers will need to investigate for you.

    If you've a got support contract, please send us a ticket. Provide as much information as you can - screenshots of any errors, log files etc – so we can help you as fast as possible.
    If you're not covered by a Support contract at the moment, email our Sales team at [email protected], and they'll be able to help.
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