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Hi all. I recently downloaded .Net reflector pro with the VS plugin. So far, it works great when I'm trying to use it, but I've encountered a very frustrating issue when I'm debugging code I wrote.

It seems that randomly throughout my debugging, .Net reflector will decide that it needs the source code to C# structures that are a part of the Windows namespace, or even built into the C# language. Right now, I'm trying to step through a function that runs inside a BackgroundWorker and .net Reflector keep telling me I need to provide it with the BackgroundWorker.cs source code.

This is extremely frustrating, as it interrupts me when I'm on the final stages of this project, and I can't find a way to tell it not to try to read source code for every little structure in my project. I don't need to step through the source code for Lists, BackgroundWorkers, MessageBoxes, ULongs and so on. I just need to step through the code I wrote. Hopefully there's a way to temporarily stop it from looking outside my code without uninstalling this tool, as I need it for a different project I'm working on (where I actually *do* need to step through and decompile a .dll file).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    DarinRDarinR Posts: 2 New member
    Really? Nobody knows anything about this? I find this a bit hard to believe, as it would stop anyone from debugging... Please, this is driving me nuts, and I can't seem to find anything on my own. I've been digging through settings, googling and trying to find all the documentation I can.
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