BUG: Seeming Memory Leak

When using the UI to perform multiple different database comparisons the working memory set continues to grow in Windows. After performing 8-10 database to database comparisons back to back, the working memory set had grown from 300-400 MB to about 3.5 GB.

I have verified that the program is up to date (version at this time) and it is running on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


  • I can confirm I have been seeing this as well, but with SQL Data Compare v13. At one point I had it consuming over 33 GB. emusvyj6jwnh.png. It was fairly easy for me to reproduce (though in all fairness it was against a database which had four tables that had 1.8 million records)
    - Run compare on large table #1 (~1.8 million records)
    - Generate script
    - Deploy script
    - Run compare on large table #2 (~1.8 million records)
    - Generate script
    - Deploy script
    - Memory usage will be fairly large at that point

    Aside from restarting the tool, I can't provide a better answer. All that I can say is I have seen this happen as well, typically with Data Compare, but it is not uncommon with SQL Compare either.
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    Hi @Sean_ESP & @bob_walker

    Thanks for your posts. 

    There is a link to the latest versionof SQL Compare below. 
    @Sean_ESP if the problem persists on the latest version could you please send us a ticket if you have a valid support contract? If so then please include as much info as possible including the error and your log files so that we can assist. 

    Hopefully the error won't happen on 13.2 though! 


    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 

    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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