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T-SQL Source Control Question

Hello all,

we are looking into a T-SQL source control management tool, akin to RedGate's Source Control application. We are in the process of acquiring company-wide licenses for DevArt's dbForge and would like to find out whether there is something similar in DevArt's product offering. I've noticed that there was a Snapshot versioning version in Schema Compare, but I was looking for a more object-specific tool, where I could specifically check out a Stored Procedure or TVP to my working server, make changes and then check it back in to SVN/TFS. I wouldn't want to version the entire schema snapshot every time for that--seems somewhat wasteful.

Are there any plans at DevArt to develop something similar or does something like this already exist? It'd be ideal if it could plug in to SSMS for a single point of management.

Is there a third-party tool you folks could recommend?

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    Redgate has Source Control for Oracle, which is analogous to the SQL Source Control tool for SQL Server. These tools provide full per-object-level versioning (audit/history). I have emailed you details individually.
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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