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Shared Tab history

IvarIvar Posts: 1 New member

There are few of us working together on similar tasks and I was thinking if it is possible to commonly use the Tab history.
Then we could all access each others tabs and search a common history.

If I'm correct then today SavedTabs.db is located in the users AppData folder and thus not common.
Is there a way to relocate this file in a shared location and each instance of SQL prompt uses that same file?



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    Hi @Ivar,
    speaking about sharing stuff across RedGate tool is actually a trend topic in latest weeks ;-)
    I hope to get everything under a "central" point, but, until then, I've moved those files (not just tabs, but also coding styles and so on) under source control, in a certain folder. Then, I've changed the default path of each tool in order to read from that source controlled path, and that's it.
    If you don't have default paths or if you cannot change the path setting, you can use powershell (or similar) in order to automate the copy of that file (from your machine for instance) into the source control. Then, when you get, you can execute another posh that synchronize each member of the team.
    It's just a big picture, 'cause I really want to share with you the automation/devops "approach". Then you can choose everything you consider into your comfort zone.

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