SQLTest shows trial has expired, not a trial version

SQLTest shows trial has expired, not a trial version.

using SQLTest, SSMS 17.5 all other tools function as expected, SQLCompare, SQLPrompt,...

SQLTest show expired trial license, it is part of the tool kit.

when I attempt to update the license it shows

Unable to connect to the Redgate Client Service.
Please ensure that the service is started. Click here for more information about this problem

SQLPrompt, from SSMS 17.5, Manage License option works as expected.


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    RichardLRichardL Posts: 417 Gold 4
    Hi @Dennis E Evans

    Thanks for your post.

    This looks like a question that one of Support engineers will need to investigate for you.

    If you've a got support contract, please send us a ticket. Provide as much information as you can - screenshots of any errors, log files etc – so we can help you as fast as possible.
    If you're not covered by a Support contract at the moment, email our Sales team at sales@red-gate.com, and they'll be able to help.
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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    Hi, I have a user that has a trial version of SQL Toolbelt installed which has expired as of today. I am in the process of purchasing a license however it will take 1-2 weeks for the order to be processed via our ERP system. Is it possible to obtain an extension for this trial version until the order is completed and the software key received? Thanks

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