Modifying Test Scripts using SQL Test UI Broken Since Updating to

dsbertdsbert Posts: 13 Bronze 1
Since updating to SQL Test, I am unable to edit a test script by double clicking on it in the UI. When I attempt to double click, or use the context menu and choose edit, a new query window opens. However this is the only thing that gets displayed in the query window.

USE [<database>]

If I manually script out the test procedure through management studio, I can see the entire contents.

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  • Rob CRob C Posts: 419 Gold 2
    Hi everyone,

    Sorry that you experienced this problem. We've released SQL Test 3.0.2 which contains a fix. You can get it either from Help > Check for updates within SQL Test or by downloading the update from this link.

    I hope that resolves the problem for you!
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