Does SQL Search work with Azure SQL databases?

Trying to use SQL Search with SQL Azure database - no activity , no results...


  • Mine gets results. Are you connected?
  • mcr132mcr132 Posts: 2 New member
    aha! - worked fine using SQL Authentication - Is Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication not supported? if not, Any plans to do it??
  • ingridcarleyingridcarley UKPosts: 1 New member
    Before you can query an Azure Search index, you must populate it with your data. If the data lives in an Azure SQL database, an Azure Search indexer for Azure SQL Database (or Azure SQL indexer for short) can automate the indexing process, which means less code to write and less infrastructure to care about.

    This article covers the mechanics of using indexers, but also describes features only available with Azure SQL databases (for example, integrated change tracking).

    In addition to Azure SQL databases, Azure Search provides indexers for Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob storage, and Azure table storage.
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    Don't know, new here.Can you tell me about Azure SQL logical server
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