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LOGINPROPERTY is not recognized as a reserved word.

IATDBAIATDBA Posts: 2 New member
edited February 22, 2018 6:56PM in SQL Prompt
SQL Prompt keeps bracketing the term LOGINPROPERTY incorrectly.
How can I make it stop doing that.

For now, my only option is to turn off auto bracketing entirely. I do not like this as a solution since our standard includes bracketing of user labels.

DECLARE @LoginName_in sysname

--Original Code:
SELECT @PWD_varbinary = CAST(LOGINPROPERTY(@LoginName_in, 'PasswordHash') AS [VARBINARY](256))

--SQL Prompt Formatted code: v v
SELECT @PWD_varbinary = CAST([LOGINPROPERTY](@LoginName_in, 'PasswordHash') AS [VARBINARY](256))

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