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Invalid Bookmark - 3159

I am new here. Glad to join the community!
So, there's a .mdf file that I could open on Dell Latitude 7480 on Windows 8. However, after the Windows 10 update, I suddenly can't open it anymore. It gives the following message: 'Invalid Bookmark - 3159'. Has anyone got this error?

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    SAmb0SAmb0 Posts: 1 Bronze 1
    MDF is the extension used by SQL Server for SQL databases.
    You’d need to install some version of SQL Server, then re-attach the MDF file. However, if you don’t have the matching LDF file (the log file), you don’t have the whole database.
    Because of this, an MDF file is not the correct way to transfer databases between servers. Instead, you need to make a backup using SQL Server Manager, then restore the backup on the other server.
    If you need more mdf opener software you can use MDF Open File Tool.
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