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Data Masking Query

Hi, We are receiving source files (XML) from Source System (ESB). However, we been informed there might be some sensitive data in the source files.
Source system wont mask data (due to SME/resources constraints). SO it is left to us to find a way forward.

a) Our team sits outside EU hence GDPR comes in to play.
b) Even if we undertake masking activity at our end, we might receive unmasked data first on which we need to apply masking rules (Which means we have access to unmasked PII data which is a NO GO).

Any pointers in terms how this situation can be handled?


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    AswinigAswinig Posts: 1 New member
    edited February 19, 2018 1:14PM
    Hi Jilpangs,

    One of the ways to solve your challenges is as follows,

    1. Discover PII data in XML files using a third party discovery tool at source.
    2. Perform static data masking in XML files at source, thereby, ensuring no PII data is exposed. Once the data is masked you can share that across as per requirement.
    3. Masking at source also enables you to comply with GDPR

    I hope this makes sense. There is a company called MENTIS software who deals with data and application security and who will be able to help you with your challenges.

    For more information you can reach out to them at info@mentisoftware.com or visit their website http://www.mentisoftware.com/
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