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Build behaviour change with latest ReadyRoll Core and TFS

dannettdannett Posts: 10 New member
We've been running with ReadyRoll Core for the last few months and all has been well. However, with the latest update (1.16.18038.8301) when building the project in VS 2017 (15.5.6) it fails with:

MSBUILD: Error: : An error occurred while attempting to generate a package deployment script: Access to the path 'C:\project\Pre-Deployment\01_Create_Database.sql' is denied.

Making this file writable and the build passes. No modifications are made to the file during the build so I wonder why readyroll tries to open the file as writable When the file is read only the problem arises again.
The SQL files are marked as BuildAction:None and 'Do Not Copy To Output Directory'.

Downgrading to 1.16.18018.7798 and there is no error.

As we use TFS, when a get is performed, the files are marked as read only by default and this causes pain for build agents and devs.

Can the previous behaviour be restored?



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