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I have VS2015 and VS2017 installed on my PC. I'm trying to install the VS plugin in into VS2017 but everytime I try it installs in 2015, how do I select which version the plugin installs to?

I have tried downloading the extension from with VS2017 but it still runs the same installer. If I have VS2017 runnign the installation won't proceed until I close it but the plugin still ends up in VS2015 not VS2017.


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  • @DaveMoor glad you got it sorted, just to let you know the reasons for this are that the installer we use (Wix) doesn't [yet] support detection of VS2017 installations without custom actions. We took the decision to wait for proper installer support than hacking things in, and as such currently the extension for 2017 can only be installed through the gallery, or finding the vsix as you have done.
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  • DaveMoorDaveMoor Posts: 3 New member
    @Russell D I did try from the gallery in VS2017 but it just downloaded the installer which when run seemed to install into VS2015, without giving me the check box to select VS2017 that the vsix gave me. Hence my original post, it was very frustrating :)
  • Yes apologies for that @DaveMoor - there is a problem with the visual studio gallery accepting icons that are 256x256 pixels which Microsoft will fix in their next deployment.

    In the meantime we've resized the icon to 255x255 which works believe it or not, its just going through the release process again so will be out later today or tomorrow.
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