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Deactivate SQL prompt licence

Hi all,

I've just moved to a new computer and installed SQL prompt.
In the meantime I've cleaned the old computer and reinstalled windows on it. So I didn't deactivate the redgate licence on the old computer. Now I'am unable to activate my licence on my new computer because ' the number of activations for this serial number has been exceeded' Unfortunately I am unable to deactivate via the web interface. The web-interface simply shows my serial number but no option to deactivate is shown under the 'Product' tab.


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    Hi @nitimmerman thank you for your post!

    What you need to do is email your serial key through to support@red-gate.com with your serial key and our support team will be able to reset an activation for you so you can get back up and running - these requests are actioned asap so you shouldn't be waiting very long!

    Let me know if you have any other problems - thank you very much!
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